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How to make photos from webcam?

Are you interested in the answer to the question how to make photos from webcam?

In this tutorial we will just that. After all, Web-camera installed separately or built into a laptop is not just to talk on or via Skype.

With it you can still take pictures. However, not such good quality as with the camera. We consider a couple of ways how you can take a picture with Web cameras. Using both standard means Windows, and separately installed programs.

The first way to make a photo with Web cameras.
Use standard tools of Windows. In this case I'm talking about XP, in "Seven" I have not found such a function. So to take a picture from webcam in Windows XP, go to My Computer and find there a shortcut Web Cameras. It should be under all disks and drives.

Click on the icon left mouse button twice and opens the camera. Advance naturally need to connect itself Webcam and install the drivers.

Once we opened the camera can take a picture by clicking on the link " Make a new picture " it is in the left column.

The second way to make a picture from webcam.
Use a special program, for example, LiveWebCam. To start downloading it.

Download the program from the developer LiveWebCam

Now set, there is nothing difficult, and immediately run it.

Everything is very simple. If the camera is connected, the main window, we immediately see yourself. To make the picture from webcam, just click on the "Take a picture".

If you need to view all photos taken, then this is a button Browse archive.

The next button Settings by clicking on it, you can make some settings: select a folder to save the photo, adjust the camera itself, and so on, read it all simple and clear.

The third way to make a photo with Web cameras.
Use special service on the Internet. For example, at We pass on this link and click the button to start the "Allow" to enable the service to use our Webcam.

Now aim webcam object you want to photograph and click take photos with webcam. You can configure the timer, add effects and enable continuous shooting.

That's about how to make these methods picture from webcam I wanted to tell. Choose the method that you prefer and use!