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Open the PDF format for Android

If you work with Android PDF library, you must know that on phones and Android tablets have a program like Adobe Reader for documents and e-books in this format.

Using Android PDF library on the one hand, it is difficult without special software, on the other - easy to install one of the pdf-book readers, which will be comfortable enough to view the necessary documents.

PocketBook Reader - a universal program designed to not only read PDF, but EPUB, DjVu, TXT, FB2 and other formats on the tablet and the phone under Android.fayly conveniently flipping, it has day and night reading modes, the possibility of organizing an electronic library .

Universal Book Reader - a kind of universal reader. Allows you to view EPUB and PDF on Android, organize the library through the file browser, to share files. Works quite quickly.

EbookDroid - another great reader. Can open PDF, FB2, EPUB and other formats of e-books on Android. The interface is not too friendly, the speed of downloading files is not very optimal, however, the application is acceptable for viewing pdf on Android.

As for ezPDF Reader, then the pdf-reader for your phone out of the competition because it is gorgeous interface and functionality. Is able to adapt to the desired display, annotate, supports both files with a graphic layer, and text.

For storage or transmission of textual information is often more convenient to use to PDF. However, working with these files is not limited to their creation and viewing.

Even if you do not plan to engage in the creation of PDF-files, sooner or later encounter with this format have today most of the documents (such as price lists, descriptions of programs or devices, and sometimes materials popular newspapers and magazines) are made in this form. To view or print them you will need a special program.