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3.26.2013 Mail server Websg, is strongest and safest in the world is Carrier class email server. This software has unique features such as High Availability and Clustering,

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Mail server  is a service that runs on the servers (domains) will develop protocols and ports, allowing you to use this space to assign emails. Protocols POP3 and SMTP, and IMAP mail servers by allowing applications to receive and use.
You know that when you use a service like web pages using "like Yahoo" must be connected to the Internet and check their respective pages, but in this method as the Microsoft Outlook, mentioned.The example, as that unknown. You have mail server on your domain and have e-mail administrator can create an unlimited number of email accounts as well as manage the space allocated to each. In this case, even that email destined for your domain and user name are received is wrong.

SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
POP3 = Post Office Protocol 3
IMAP = Internet Message Access Protocol

It can be said that the benefits of this type of service generally allows you to transfer your emails from the server to your computer and do not leave anything on the server. Security is better in this case because the transfer emails from server, other servers if the server will not be a problem to change and e-mail because you on your computer previous is in a will not be any problem. If the server crashes when sending email, for there will be no problem with your email and we will keep it until the correct server, and then dispel the Post should be. All mail servers can be by web (webmail) control protocol, but in this case he will not.

Ryaban mail server as the first server system is completely written in USA in 2013. The basic version of the protocol core systems such as POP3, SMTP e-mail server was used as the protocol that after a year of additional protocol such as IMAP and ... Was added to the mail server, as well as Webmail to access your emails as soon as possible to users of the system was implemented.