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Finals LCL: as it was

13-14 August at the Ice Palace of VTB finals held summer split the Continental League. Feast of League of Legends in all its forms - epic cyber battles, incredible cosplayers from all over the CIS and the tens of thousands of fans who watched the event from the stadium and broadcast - complete professional season, and on the stage - international professional competition.

LCL Grand Final to determine the best team of the year in the region, and to remember the event for a long time fans, the stadium was visited by a few bright people. On the first day on the stage lit stars Aurelion Sol, and the second day cooled scene frosty waist.

The last two days the attention of the entire region were glued to the 20 players who have shown some of the most exciting games in the history of the CIS. Albus NoX Luna, Vega Squadron, Natus Vincere and TORNADO.ROX were the strongest teams in 2016 season in the CIS and fought in tight matches and semi-finals of the grand finale.

In the first match to determine the favorite was virtually impossible - the Vega stable, for which all the analysts continued to speak as a very strong, "middling" and experienced Na'Vi, which have long been dispersed, but finished the regular season on a positive note. After the first two games it seemed that Na'Vi leave home, losing 0: 3, but the Lasagna and the company struggled to the last, playing two cards, but losing a whole lot in the final game. NoNHoly Drobovik123 suddenly and beat legionnaires Doxy and Saulius by a wide margin, and, though not without problems, but dragged his team in the grand final.

The second match was more simple - Followers Albus NoX Luna should have won 3: 0 and TORNADO.ROX desperately tried to think of something, using all the creative genius of his coach Genes1s. Symbolic selection Pantheon could not hold Thermopylae - Albus NoX defeated their opponents.

Grand Final proved to be sensational in all senses. Amazing 2: 0 by Vega Squadron at the start, dismal performance of leaders and ANX PVPStejos Likkrit at the beginning and at the incredible domination Zanzarah Nida. The victory was almost in the hands of the Vega Squadron, but the experience and nerves of steel allow children from Albus NoX Luna drill series. According to some analysts, with the score 1: 2 ANX had to finish tired from two long series Vega - and turned out to be. Another title - the fourth in a row, when you consider that since the Hard Random composition has not changed. Kira and Smurf become the only five-time champions of the CIS, and compared with the achievement will be very difficult not only to players from the CIS, but also professionals from around the world.

Fans at the stadium were not only able to cheer for your favorite team, but also bet on them with esports betting to participate in autograph sessions and, of course, take a picture.

To please fans of League of Legends, the stadium came to a hundred of the best cosplayers from all over the CIS. It was both funny and cute images, and serious and very elaborate costumes.
In addition, the stadium could join one of the tribes Frelyorda photographed with statues Trundle, Sedzhuani or Brauma.

Like any eSports event, the protagonist in any event for League of Legends - this is our fans. Thank you to everyone who watched the finals at the stadium and, of course, to the broadcast!