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How to get and keep followers on Twitter

Undoubtedly, each holder Twitter account would like to see your account with lots of close followers of interest, but not all succeed.

The fact is that not everyone knows how to properly unwind your Twitter account. Many users choose network strategy to obtain the largest possible number of followers does not care about their usefulness for yourself, it uses mass following and buying followers on exchanges. But the fact that this effort expended as well as finance, and the result is not significant. Thus, the fall in the profile or bots Cheaters earning on this or random people who unsubscribe once they realize that the subject of tweets they are not interested.
To create a quality thematic profile should show not quite the standard approach and spend a lot more effort than your run on spammer databases.

1. Try to gain credibility with users of Twitter, for this well customize your profile, add your picture, Arrange background, adding themed images, write the description of the profile, select themed keywords for people looking for your product or service. His view profile should show why and for whom it was created and that people can find here.

2. Create a link to a page on Twitter, on which people could move from the site interested in your content, on the wall of the profile provide a link to the site on which visitors will also be able to move. Create your lists in which you can include the most interesting case of users, other users will be able to connect yourself and your lists often come to you on this page.

3. Create quality content that people would like to come back to you on the page again, try to keep your tweets than that stands out from the tape to publish his followers the most interesting and useful. Set on the site the "Post to Twitter" in an easily accessible location that will allow users to quickly write a tweet about your article in your feed, many webmasters allow such a mistake and does not establish such a button.

4. Do not write too long tweets and hash tags do not abuse "@" or usernames may irritate readers and attracts only the bots try to write useful tweets and do not deviate too much from the topic of the tape. Use no more than two hashtags in a single message, it may not like the readers.

5. Be sure to answer the people who wrote to you, maintain communication, since you do not online, ask questions themselves. Twitter is a good place to socialize, so use it for that. Treat other users on the network because they wanted to, what would they do unto you. If you want others to do retweets your messages, also publish retweets interesting messages explaining exactly what you are interested in this tweet.

6. Do not abuse the advertising of your site and its services fill a tape variety of useful information that it did not look as if you just promote your content.

Using given in this article tips, I think you can significantly increase the number of their followers on twitter and improve productivity in the Twitter network.