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How to choose the right domain name for your site?

Promoting your business online, you need to lead to semantic matching every detail related to your site and its promotion. Unfortunately, still have people who believe that the domain name is of little importance for the life of the site and its image. If you are among them, this article will get you is not interesting. And those who have already realized the importance of the domain name in the psychological perception of the site, we will talk about the five criteria: clarity, memorability, shorts, uniqueness and associations.


Very often, companies like specially selected for the domain names of strange or stupid. For example, the domain belongs huge resource dedicated finance. A somehow chose geocultural portal navigation. Perhaps it goes without saying that such a weird choice to remain unknown to the user and cause at least bewilderment. A domain name should be such that the client company might have known about the logical address of the site. The domain name must contain the company name + the zone the domain.


In addition, the domain name must be sonorous, easy to remember and preferably short. It is not true that the good domains are already disassembled. You just have to be able to think logically and to include fantasy. It is better to reduce the company's name if the domain name with the same name is already taken. If the address of your site contains a lot of letters and numbers, the user address on a site with a slight name.


A lot of start-up firms and businessmen prefer to register your site on a free hosting, receiving, as a rule, third-level domain. This entails backfire. The user is not likely to remember the long name of the site and do not want to type it in the browser line, and therefore turn to your competitors. So do not regret the money to buy your own domain name, it will pay off handsomely.

The uniqueness

Another important issue in the search for a cute business names - it is uniqueness. Many companies, carried away by some of the advertising idea, forget to think about the usual average visitor. This leads to forgetfulness swim away puzzled customers. For example, the search engine chosen domain, in no way think that not all Internet users are familiar with. Such example is the (from Eng. - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). We can only guess what lies beneath domains such,,

Association of

And finally I would like to say about the importance of associative lines arising from the visitor. Well thought out domain name can cause positive emotions for each access to the site. If the site is owned by businessman, the domain name can be the name of a powerful animal, for example: The originality of this domain name is that bizzon - can be interpreted as "business area". Here and brevity and memorability (due to the original), and the association.